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Becoming A Model

Posted by on Aug 23, 2016

Becoming A Model

When you are growing up you choose as a child what you’d most love to be. For some it’s a firefighter, a teacher, a nurse or a ballerina. For others, modelling is the dream! Modelling isn’t about just having a pretty face and having the height of a baby giraffe, it’s about uniqueness, talent and a drive to back up those looks. People think that models are just mannequins for designers but that is just not true!

Deciding to be a model is not easy as you have to choose initially the type of modelling you want to do. This covers a broad range of types such as print modelling which is billboards and magazines and the ever elusive runway modelling. The top of the shop models walk the runway with the clothes that eccentric designers make for them to wear. Models are far more than walking coat hangers and you definitely need to make sure you have a backup and use that brain you’ve got in your head to make it big. Finding the right agency as a model is also not easy as you want to use an agency that specialises in the right field so whether you choose to model for a promotional staffing agency London or go for agencies like Elite Model Management you need to make sure you make smart choices. Never go with an agency that asks you to pay them a fee as you will be allowing them to take advantage of you. When an agency want to interview you it’s for you to interview them just as much as them to interview you.

Taking the right photos to promote yourself should be make up free and with simple clothes. Don’t make yourself up in the way you think a model should look as agencies will need to see your bare face – including any blemishes – to decide if your look is right for their agency. Take your photos in natural light and wear simple figure showing items like a simple vest top and leggings or jeans. Sometimes agencies offer open calls and when you attend these you need to bring digital photos or past professional work with you when you go. Keep styling minimal as you want to present yourself as a blank canvas ready to be shaped into what they need you to be.

If you are lucky enough to get signed really think ahead. Have a part time job to keep funds flowing until work as a model becomes more regular. Most models get by this way as while it is nice to have a dream job, bills still have to be paid. If you manage to climb to the top and make it as a top model you will be able to transform your modelling into a lucrative business. Toughen your skin – not literally – as rejection is commonplace in the modelling world. That doesn’t mean your look is wrong it just may not be right for that particular designer.