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Discover Beautiful Rye

Posted by on Oct 31, 2016

Discover Beautiful Rye

If you don’t know where to head your next holidays give Rye a chance. This medieval town is a hidden gem in the vast lands of East Sussex. The South of England is already the favourite holiday destination for locals and international tourists alike.

The beaches are simply amazing. The green fields extending all along the county are beautiful. And the weather is quite pleasant all year long.

Rye was once the favourite of royals, artists, celebrities and bohemians. With plenty of places to discover you’ll never get bore here.

For the sport lovers the choices are limitless. Cycles paths crossing the town or windsurfing, the location is favourable for any outdoor activities you can think of. Even fishing finds its perfect waters here. Do you like birds? Bird watching may not be considered a sport but each year visitors and local congregate in the Rye Nature reserve to get a glimpse of the natural world in movement.

The many charters operating in town offer the option of renting a boat for a more in depth views of the rivers. If you want to hire a shat for a special event there are plenty of options available.

If you’re the ones who enjoy a peaceful walk in the country there is a long country walk that gives detailed information of where you’re heading. Not worry about getting lost, the paths have plenty of signs for the wanderer.

If you prefer walking though the town centre there is tour guide that you can download on your phone. Walking around while listening the town’ history never felt so easy.

Rye towers is also worth to visit. Now transformed into a museum, it shows many curiosities of the past. If antiques are more your way of time travelling there are many antiques shops around to keep you busy.

Stopping for a coffee in the middle of an excursion is necessary to recharge batteries. The options of restaurants, coffee shops and tea houses are extensive. Remember that many hotels do offer dinners that won’t disappoint. For instance is worth checking, given that the place won several awards for its culinary extravaganza. They give visitors the option of enjoying a wonderful dinner at an affordable price. Bonus the service is high standards, the diner room very stylish and the location quite handy.

You happen to like fish? You’re in the right place. Rye has been a fishing town for centuries, you can stuff yourself with the most delicious fish meals and rest assure you’re having the fresher fish in town. The wines options are as great.

This is the town of infinite richness. Every year visitors come to explore its streets. Its proximity to the capital makes it very accessible to Londoners and international tourists.  The green fields, the proximity to the sea, the rivers, the castles and the harbour will make you feel glad you’ve chosen this place as your holiday destination. Who was going to guess that this small town has so much to offer?