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How Much Does It Cost To Rent Marquee?

Posted by on Oct 11, 2016

How Much Does It Cost To Rent Marquee?

Whenever there are upcoming events, you always try to make sure everything will be ready for the big day. You get to hire the best catering service, rent chairs and tables and the best bands there are. How about the area where you will be celebrating it? For sure that is the first one that enters in your mind.  You might also want to hire a marquee.This is what everyone has been talking about and getting the best marquee always depends on the company that you hire. There are a lot of marquees for hire today since hiring marquees is the most popular and demanded kind of area best for social, corporate and family events.

When you plan to celebrate something big, of course, you need to save for it. You need to have a budget for a celebration. Since there are a lot of things to have and to hire like food, band music, tables and chairs and a designer. Hiring a marquee may be one of the biggest budgets you need to set aside. This is because you are paying and hiring a space and an area where you can celebrate. Usually, you need to have a budget of £400 up to a price of £5000. This price may have a reason for it and here are the inclusions.


  1. Lighting – this is the most important part of a marquee which would reveal the beauty of the tent at night. You can also request for lighting outside the marquee.
  2. Liner – you do have the option to have or not to have a liner. The liner isfabric that you can see being designed and put inside the tent. It may cost you more, but it also adds beauty to your tent.
  3. Flooring- to emphasize the beauty of your marquee you can add flooring. This isimportant, especially if you have an entertainment dance floor needed. Also, this will make your guests comfortable. You can choose an area that has a plain ground.
  4. Set-up/ labor – having a marquee may be a hard task for the people doing the set-up. This would take days of fixing and letting the tent stand. Designing, putting on lights and flooring are all included in the set-up.
  5. Delivery –there are delivery fees, and this also depends on the location as there are zoning permits required for this.
  6. Tent Extras – another fee is charged to you if you choose to have a well-designed tent, a marquee that has windows and doors.
  7. Equipment – there may be days when the weather will not cooperate, and that affects your event, you can set up coolers or heaters inside your marquees.


Now you know why these marquees are priced like this. You get to understand how this is pricedin case you need to have added special ones. It is good to plan a budget for this and save money for a future event when you want it to be unique.  You can enjoy Essex rented marquees and check their designs and prices.