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Tips on decorating wedding chair covers

Posted by on Jun 15, 2016

Tips on decorating wedding chair covers

Never limit yourself. Feel free to discover more fabric options. Do not settle for poly as your choice of material just because that is what the majority is into. Oh come on, it’s a wedding not your typical homemade project. Always remember that every detail counts which definitely includes the best selection of cloth. Any other cloth would actually do but that depends on the theme and more importantly, your budget. But if you are aiming for making the room extravagant and classy then try using taffeta or satin since the texture has this gleaming effect that can transform one cheap and plain chair into a seat where your guest deserves to witness a very special day. However, if covering the whole chair using either of the said materials then it would require a heavy budget but here is another option, you can try a satin sash tied with a bow at the back around the covered chair in a different material.  Don’t worry, it will be all worth it in the end.


  • Get colorful! White is the standard chair cover that the typical wedding receptions use for the venue. It gives out a little unexciting or boring factor if you don’t add anything that goes along with it. Yes, the majority has spoken that white expresses elegance and beauty but your chairs deserve more than just being covered in an all-white cloth. Try adding other color options such as ivory or champagne which will balance the two colors. It will also bring out warmth and contrast inside the venue. Put in mind that “balance” is important when combining colors or you can also ask help from professional for choosing the right chair covers for a wedding.
  • Try something new. Accessorize! What you usually see around events are the standard tie sash or a bow at the back of the chair. For a wedding, it is better to keep it that way. It is simple yet elegant. Try doing the side wrap tie, bow or just simply, a wrap tie. Additionally, you can put on some bling-bling on you tied sash or bow. Experiment on other accessories that can go with your choice of cloth. You can try using brooches, feathers, buckles, beads, flowers, tassels and many more. But do not be ignorant enough to place it on the guest’s comfort part of the seat. You don’t want to ruin his or her night.
  • Don’t have time? Hire a professional now! If you happen to have a very hectic schedule and your wedding is on the line, why would you stress yourself more? Stressing yourself on the season of your wedding is a big no. Consider booking your linen provider or, venue draping for events, wedding organizer to do their job for your special day. Hire someone who is good at working on chair covers and can deliver a fulfilling output. Remember to make time to update and check on their work progress in order to avoid a “linen situation”. Keep in touch with your organizers. You don’t want crap to happen on your wedding day.