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Why You Should Spend on a Videographer for Your Wedding

Posted by on Oct 20, 2016

Why You Should Spend on a Videographer for Your Wedding

Weddings come with a big price tag in most cases and in that price tag, every engaged woman has ploughed her dreams right in. From the dream dress to the dream church to the dream heart shaped confetti, every bride makes choices to make it a memorable day. In that choice are photographers to capture every smile and in a lot of cases, videographers to film the day to be watched back in years to come. Many people think of a wedding video like an old home movie we have all seen and so don’t give wedding videography much thought. There is something so romantic about cracking open that wedding video on the big anniversaries and watching again how you promised your life to someone. If you are fortunate enough to have daughters, they can watch your day that they may not have been a part of and dream of their own fairy tale. Imagine being able to capture your vows and your reception to watch back. It’s one thing watching a romantic, fairy tale wedding on the television but imagine watching your own again and again? When you hire a professional wedding videographer, you are hiring someone with many of the same skills as those required to produce a feature film.

6A quality wedding video provides an incredible format to relive your wedding day (and then some) well into the future. Even more so than with your wedding photography, we urge you to not use an amateur to produce your wedding video. Only a professional has the quality equipment, the experienced hand and the editing ability to produce the succinct well edited tribute that you deserve. As part of your luxury wedding planning sessions you should absolutely include a budget for a videographer and be warned, it’s likely to be a pricey gift to yourselves. However, your wedding day is your biggest day – aside from the birth of any children you may have together. So being able to get to each anniversary together and look back at those vows with a smile is just priceless in the long run. Plus, it’s far better to pay for good quality of video than skimp and have a shaky result!

A professional videographer will provide more than simply a real-time video of your wedding and reception. What they do is something magical. They can also include one or all of the following:

  • Our Story: A video interview of the bride and groom talking about how they met, special moments they’ve shared, when they knew he/she was ‘the one’, how the question was popped etc. Having this as a beginning to the wedding video can be something to look back on and smile about as the years go by and is such a pure way to see the love on the face of your other half.
  • Before We Met: A montage of photos of the bride and groom growing up
  • Pre Wedding Moments: Snippets shown of the bridal shower, wedding gown shopping, video at the bride and grooms’ home prior to the wedding, shots of the bride dressing and the groom greeting guests and waiting for the festivities to begin.

Once the video has been captured, long hours of editing begins. While quality professional video footage is needed to produce a great video, it’s artful editing and special effects where the video will truly blossoms. All of the footage will be viewed and edited so that is has a logical flow and is a viewable length: not too epic and not a quick clip show. They’ll add in appropriate music, voice over and titles and you will honestly be so amazed with the results. You have your own home movie of your very own fairy tale. Move over Cinderella!